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Animal Shiatsu freedom based 

dogs and horses

"I would say that I am a person who helps others to orientate themselves better in their own world. I am multi-talented and wear many hats - and I stand by my multifaceted CV. The time has come for colourful lives with rough edges, even in the corporate world. Emotional-authentic leadership is receiving more and more attention there, and rightly so! I'm a person of wisdom, a friend, a sister and an important carer for animals. Author of numerous books and articles on contemporary art. Independent thinker. I am a Somatic Coach because I am interested in people. All of this can be part of how we start our conversation. How we maintain presence in a conversation and how we move forward in partnership."


Susanne Neubauer 
Somatic Coach
Level 2 International Coaching Federation ICF


Somatic coaching is a new type of coaching that incorporates the wisdom of the body. We work on the cognitive AND the physical level, always at your pace and with a focus on the future. In a Somatic Coaching session, body and mind come together - it can lead to a flow that produces creative solutions. We befriend the body and learn effective tools to deal better with stress.


Somatic coaching is for you if you


* have difficulty coping with stress

* are highly sensitive (but not only) and therefore easily overstimulated

* are highly creative (but not only) and therefore like to deal with self-doubt

* think you don't know your body

* feel like a head person and at the same time know that something is missing

* are a mother, wife and partner and lose yourself in the process

* are ill and want to do something for your soul

* long for nature but don't know how to get in touch with it

* are convinced that there is more happiness waiting for you, but cannot feel it

* often take things too seriously because you have learnt to do so

* find it difficult to make decisions because everything overwhelms you

* know about mindfulness and meditation (or not) and want to deepen this approach

* would like to have more "humanness" as an emotional-authentic leader

The Somatic Coaching

be somatic

be you

be earth





Somatic coaching for people with animals 

Are you stuck with the Trust Technique or do you want to give space to your own issues because you think they might be too much for your animals? Animals often mirror us humans and it is wonderful when we as humans take responsibility for our own issues. Somatic coaching is very suitable for this.  

Important information

Somatic coaching is not therapy. Therapy looks to the past, coaching looks to the future.

Please consult the terms and conditions before making an appointment.

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