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Trust Technique und Tiershiatsu - Heilung und Verständigung gesamtheitlich

Striving for deep connection between beings, for understanding the other and for living in resonance and authenticity to build trust and allow healing.

Be your Animal!

Animal Shiatsu | Trust Technique® | Somatic Coaching | Puppy School | Holistic Nutritional Counselling and Health Care with Susanne Neubauer


I launched my mobile practice for body therapy and mindfulness for people with animals in 2018. My focus is on body therapies and mindfulness-based behavioural counselling (Trust Technique®), somatic coaching as well as holistic nutritional advice, therapies and preventive health care.   

Health and happiness go hand in hand. That's why I work holistically and emphasise the connection between humans and animals, which is essential for mutual understanding. This can also play a role in health issues. As an animal shiatsu therapist, I work on the body and help animals to heal themselves. For behavioural issues (and any other wish to deepen the relationship to animals), I work with people to help them better understand their role in behaviour and connection building (using the wonderful Trust Technique®). We work with tools to achieve a better and wordless connection with our animals. I am not a (dog/horse) trainer as I see my work without the concepts of positive reinforcement and teach alternatives to it. In the area of holistic nutrition, I provide holistic advice and offer support with therapeutic modalities to maintain health and promote healing powers, including in palliative processes. 

Mindful interaction with you and your pet is essential to me.

I work online and in person.

I look forward to getting to know you!






Thank you!

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