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Coaching Packages
Diving deep - Tief tauchen!


Trust Technique® Package 1: Easy does it, being easy in everyday life

For people who want a closer relationship with their pet and can already say "we are happy together". For people who have already completed the video course. 
Scope: 4 x 60 min. CHF 450 (instead of CHF 480) incl. intermediate coaching for questions of 20 min. Usually 2 sessions.
Location: Online or in Brugg/AG


Trust Technique® Package 2: Closer to the animal!

For people and animals who want to get closer to the essence of the Trust Technique® with examples from everyday life. 
Scope: 5 x 60 min. CHF 550 (instead of CHF 600) incl. intermediate coaching sessions for questions of 30 min. Usually 3-4 sessions.
Location: Online and/or on-site
Follow-up coaching sessions at individual intervals are recommended.




Trust Technique® + Somatic Coaching Package 3: Be yourself!  

With this package you are accompanied for a 3 months. We look into the moment and the future. We use the body to help us and learn lightness. Sessions can be arranged on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. 

For people and animals who want to be completely "you", together, but also on their own. Who want to know what "nature" feels like, who want to listen to the wisdom of the body and the animals.


This unique package combines two approaches: By learning the Trust Technique® we practice mindfulness with the animal and as a side effect we humans are closer to the animal, understand it better, but also understand ourselves better. After this first part, we focus in partnership on the wisdom of our own body, because there is a lot of wisdom hidden in it that can influence our future actions - if we have learnt to listen to it! In Somatic Coaching I work with approaches from trauma-sensitive coaching, focussing, polyvagal theory, coaching constellation work, the Clean Language approach and Organic Intelligence®.

Scope: 8 x 60 min.) CHF 860 (instead of CHF 960) 
Location: Online and/or on-site.

Follow-up package

Follow-up package for existing clients
Package of 4 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions CHF 450 (instead of CHF 480).
Individual sessions by arrangement. 

All sessions are individual sessions. 


You will always benefit most from the Trust Technique® if you engage with it over the longer term. Once you have learnt the basics, further sessions are ideal, especially for deeper issues, as this is also work on yourself.



If you recommend me, you will receive a voucher for a 30-minute online coaching session for yourself or another person (who is not the person who comes to me on your recommendation). The 30-minute online coaching can be a Trust Technique® Coaching or a Somatic Coaching. 

Payment modalities: Payment in instalments can also be arranged.

Journeys are charged at CHF 0.80/km from Brugg/AG or a 1/1 train ticket + 20 % from Brugg/AG. 


Please consult the AGB/GTC before making an appointment. 


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