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Animal Shiatsu freedom based 

dogs and horses

Shiatsu is a finger pressure healing massage from Japan with influences from Chinese TCM. I work in the spirit and heart of Sei-ki.

This approach works primarily with the resonance of the bodies of therapist and animal with regard to the 'mu-shin', which means 'empty mind' or 'egolessness'. This is where my methods overlap with the Trust Technique®. I work in the sense of the 'art of self-healing'.

What means freedom based ?

This means that I do not tether the animal, do not use any corrections for standing still and, especially in the first sessions, explore the problems of touch and solve them with mindfulness techniques (Trust Technique®, Horse Speak®, etc.) in order to achieve a lasting change in the animal's body perception. Four areas are linked together: Increasing body awareness, resolving problem areas (physical / mental / behavioural), energising the whole body to strengthen health and psyche, improving trust.


Shiatsu is generally indicated for

Tension, pain of unknown origin (after clarification by a vet)
Immunodeficiency, weakness after illness
Behavioural problems (listlessness, hyperactivity, trauma)
Unclear imbalances in the body
Nervousness, anxiety, headlessness

Shiatsu is used to prevent and alleviate chronically ill animals and to support veterinary treatment. Shiatsu is concerned with maintaining a healthy body and mind in a holistic way and with emotional problems in horses and dogs.

Complementary treatment methods

Therapy combinations with essential oils / aroma acupressure
Application of essential oils to the Shu and Tin points, selected acupuncture points and the meridians.

Tuina Anmo Massage
Regulates the flow of Qi and psychological and emotional disorders.

Equine Fascia and Trauma Release
Resolution of physical and emotional trauma with the help of muscle activation and fascia treatment.

Stimulation of nerve endings through heat. Stimulation of metabolism, Qi flow, for cold inflammations, to improve circulation.

Raindrop Technique®
The Raindrop Technique® is a massage with essential oils that is used on people and animals for physical well-being and emotional release. It was developed by the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, D. Gary Young, and also incorporates the ancient knowledge of the Lakota Indians, who used light stroking movements to set energy in motion in the body. An important part of the Raindrop technique is the massage of the reflex points on the feet (or paws/hoofs) and effleurage, a light stroking of the back with the fingers. Gary Young also used studies of the effect of essential oils and their antimicrobial properties on our bodies.

A Raindrop massage is indicated
to strengthen the immune system
to relieve tension
to improve lymph flow and blood circulation
to stimulate detoxification processes
to increase well-being and
to relieve emotional tension

My work is complementary and does not replace a vet.

Please consult the terms and conditions before making an appointment.

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