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Foster Home Dogs

New Competencies

Rescue Centre Work According to the Principles of the Trust Technique® 

Many dogs and cats in shelters have a safe life, but also a suboptimal one if we think about the accommodation and possibly also the 'rooms' in which the dogs are housed alone. As Trust Technique® practitioners, we know how important the environment is for dogs living in an exceptional situation or who have been traumatised. That is why we have given a lot of thought to how we can provide better support.


One possibility is to work with foster homes. Ideally, the dogs are there for a certain period of time and can get to know a kind of 'everyday life', at least it is a house, a flat, with or without a garden. To help traumatised dogs in particular to start a 'new life' more quickly, I help these dogs through therapeutic Trust Technique sessions, in which the dogs learn this technique of trust and begin to have new experiences on their own. The latter often happens when I am no longer there. After each session, there is a big phase of processing and also of 'testing' - can I now walk past this tight spot without fear? Is that possible? Oh, it is possible....

Would you like to learn the Trust Technique® but don't have a dog yet? Or are you looking for a dog but have some respect for dogs from animal welfare organisations? Then you've come to the right place. I know the dogs that are up for adoption and have already taken the first step towards a fulfilling life with them, namely by teaching them the Trust Technique®. 


What is the process like?

Register using the interest form, which I will then pass on to the foster home. They will be responsible for the placement and will contact you. I will be available to provide information about the dog and will accompany you during the move and the first few days in your new home. Dogs who know the Trust Technique® are equipped with a special skill, namely listening. To make living together even better, I encourage you to learn this wonderful technique of trust yourself.

Are you a foster carer and would like to find out more about this kind of collaboration? Then write me an

E mail!

Wir suchen dich!


Two Brothers Looking for their Forever Home Basket

The two boys have just turned 9 months old and have enjoyed a wonderful puppy life so far. But now it's time for them to look for a loving basket.... They are youthfully playful and know how to interact with other dogs and cats. They are Labrador-sized when fully grown. 


Visits on site are possible daily. I will put you in touch with the foster home and ask you to fill in the form if you are interested!


December 12, 2023


Timbo is not yet ready to sniff out a new place to live, but he is always making progress in his behaviour. The Münsterländer mix is gentle and always seeks contact with people. He needs a person who 'clicks' with him and who is willing to accompany and help shape the path of change, first at the foster home and later in his own home. He is nearly two years old and originally from Italy.

December 12, 2023  

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