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Holistic Nutrition
for Dogs + Cats


I completed a 6-month training in nutritional counselling for dogs and cats at the Prester School of Veterinary Practitioners with a final thesis in "natural, vegan-based nutrition for dogs", including additional training in nutrition for illnesses. In my work, I try to harmonise people's options with the most natural, needs-covering food rations possible.  


Natural nutrition with holistic aspects is important to me. That is why industrially manufactured products, including vegan products for humans, are out of the question for me, or only in exceptional cases. I am interested in all aspects of nutrition, including vegan food for dogs. Unfortunately, our meat is often contaminated, including BARF rations. For my dog, I combine meat and a purely plant-based diet from the region and as organic as possible.

I develop individualised nutrition plans and advise in the areas of

- Preventive health care


- Feed composition / feed analysis
(am I feeding a wholesome food, if dry or wet food?)

- BARF rations (raw, steamed, fresh meat/canned meat)

- Food supplements

I work with professional requirements calculators that precisely analyse all nutrients, vitamins and minerals and compare them to cover requirements.

What means holistic to me?

My consultations are holistic and focussed on the harmony of body and mind (stress management). In the spirit of TCM, my focus is on health prevention and maintenance. I combine nutrition, Trust Technique as a health-promoting relaxation technique and energetic healing work/animal communication (usually also with practitioners from my network) and accompany people so that they can take on an active supportive role.



As part of a diet for illnesses, I provide holistic advice exclusively in collaboration with vets and provide information about the possibilities of complementary medicine (Horvi enzyme therapy, mycotherapy, spagyric according to Phylak, orthomolecular medicine) and for strengthening healthy areas in dogs and cats. I am constantly continuing my education in these areas.


I do not make diagnoses and prognoses.


Are you interested in working with me? Then take a look at the A and Os of holistic health care!

The cost of the feeding plans is based on the work involved in clarifying the order. You will receive a cost estimate. Basic rate CHF 120/h.


Telephone counselling to clarify open questions

per minute CHF 2.20


Send me an e-mail and you will receive a questionnaire to clarify your order. Feeding plans are only created after advance payment and within 5 days.



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