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The Nuts and Bolts of Holistic Health
Tips for a long life


Health from a young age


Pets live in a world shaped by humans and are artists of adaptation. How we humans 'see' our animals is very different - for some they are substitute objects, for others they are partners, friends, living beings that are idolised, cherished and cared for. For most people, it is a terrible thing when dogs and cats cross the Rainbow Bridge - often much earlier than expected. The rate of cancer is also increasing in dogs and cats and many people ask themselves - why? Me too.

We often cannot influence the course of life. But we can pay attention to the following points, which can have health-preserving effects for both animals and humans.



Emotional Maturity

If we have been allowed to let our bodies mature on all levels at a young age, we are stable, resilient, can feel joy and sadness and are able to look other people in the eyes. The same applies to dogs and cats. The first few months of an animal child's life require 'co-regulation' by humans - if this does not happen, the result is anxiety, nervousness and possibly aggression, also with physical consequences.

Emotional maturity can be modelled by humans. If we ourselves have not matured emotionally, then it is recommended that we catch up on this process out of love for the animal or even tackle it before acquiring an animal. Animals mirror and 'carry' these admittedly usually very 'human' issues. Humans are responsible for providing the animals in their care with an environment that is not harmful to them and in which they can live a healthy life.

In order to achieve emotional maturity, I offer Somatic Coaching.

Mental Intelligence

The first few months of an animal's life require 'co-regulation' of the developing nervous system by humans - if this does not happen, the result is overthinking and a disability to self-learn. Once we have understood how often our 'ego' makes us act - usually not to our delight, but often accompanied by fear or anger - then we also understand how quickly animals react to our ego derailments: As quickly as a thought, as subtly as we humans cannot imagine. If we are mentally authentic and intelligent, we are trustworthy for animals. The safer the animal feels, the healthier it stays. Stress influences our immune system, whether we are healthy or already ill.

To achieve mental intelligence, I offer the mindfulness-based Trust Technique.


Holistic Nutrition & Targeted Health Maintenanc

According to TCM, nutrition as a form of 'chi', the life energy, is an important building block for keeping our bodies healthy. Our food should be 'alive', our vitamins of natural origin. An organic diet that is as free as possible from chemical contamination is ideal. This also applies to the nutrition of our animals. The problem key word here is 'industry'. As convenient and time-saving as this diet is, it is unhealthy in the long term. Dry and sometimes wet food from the big manufacturers is not 'living' food and has to be artificially supplemented with vitamins and minerals. It is 'junk food' that may fill you up, but it is not healthy. Seek advice on the ingredients in your pet food and you may decide in favour of a healthier option. This is often not more expensive, but can at best save vet costs. Especially with kittens, the right food can save a lot.

I offer holistic nutritional counselling and targeted health maintenance, including supportive and detoxifying cures, to give your pet a healthy diet that meets its needs for a long life.

Secure Environment

Only a few of our animals are allowed to live close to nature. Pay attention to your surroundings - walking paths close to traditionally managed agriculture means proximity to pesticides for dogs and cats. Consider cleaning your dog's paws when you walk through vineyards. Cleaning products for floors are also chemical - use animal-friendly cleaning products. Seek advice on vaccinations, worming and tick remedies. There are safe and good alternatives that are not harmful to the animals' bodies. Vaccinations, for example, are not obligatory, but only recommended - unless you are travelling abroad (rabies).


The Physical and Mental Integrity of Your Pets

Treat your pet's body and soul with care. As animals cannot speak, they need us humans to be careful here. Animal communication can also help to create clarity here. Inform yourself well when it comes to medical interventions and get second opinions. Comprehensive advice is very important, especially when it comes to neutering! Every castration is a massive intervention in the animal's hormonal system. Be aware that you are removing important organs from the animals, even though they are usually completely healthy, and that the animals cannot decide for themselves.

No Stress

As with humans, the less ('oxidative') stress in animals the better. Dogs sleep - actually the whole day. If they are allowed to... The magic word is not 'activation', but 'rest'. This is especially true when an animal is ill.


Regular Checks

I offer the following checks within my network. Please contact me regarding time frame and costs.

* Bioresonance (allergy/food intolerance, organic disorders)
* Faeces and urine tests with a German veterinary laboratory

* Genoline Liquid-Check (barf profile, food intolerances)

I only recommend deworming after prior faecal examination
* Wurmcheck (directly from Genuine-Analytics AG)


Parasite prophylaxis

Spot-ons contain nerve toxins and I recommend other options for parasite prophylaxis. Please contact me.

If You Have a Sick Animal

Ich empfehle immer einen mehrfachen Zugang:

I always recommend a multi-pronged approach:

* Optimise your diet and avoid industrial products.

* Use the Trust Technique® and its promotion of self-healing powers on a daily basis. A body without stress can heal better. You find a free Mini Course online.* Ask for animal communication at the appropriate time to ask about the animal's condition, pain and wishes.
* Allow the animal to heal energetically and release blockages.
* Stay with yourself and make peace with your fears in order to d
o the best for your animal with intuition. The Trust Technique® also helps here.
* Work with a vet you trust and get a second opinion if necessary.

Safe Products

Not all products on the market are good. I only work with selected products and manufacturers (medicinal mushrooms, essential oils, herbs, foods). Let me advise you.  


And last but not least:

Self-determined Dying

Trust in the wisdom of animals. Euthanasia is often not necessary. Deal with the issue in good time and look for vets who provide palliative and end-of-life care. A peaceful death is the best gift you can give to our pet. 

In order to support you in a self-determined, peaceful farewell, I offer as a certified End of Life Doula for animals mental support and the Trust Technique.


Health therapies

The possible applications for balancing and maintaining health are determined in an anamnesis interview and, if necessary, discussed with the attending vets. In addition to nutrition, I advise on the use of TCM herbs, medicinal mushrooms, spagyric/phytotherapy, aromatherapy and enzyme therapy. I am constantly training myself and have certificates in various complementary natural therapies.  




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