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Animal Companion
Life Circle Doula 

Support in moments between life and death

As an (End of ) Life (Circle) Doula and holistic animal health therapist, I support people in difficult moments when their pet is ill or old and it becomes apparent that their life may soon come full circle. The situations can be very different - sudden illness, cancer, old age. 

I advise on:

* holistic options to support the animal's well-being on a physical level

* Advice on alternative, including palliative, approaches to well-being

* Advice on a professional network of therapists and vets  

* Mental and spiritual support for the responsible person to accept the present moment

* Ongoing coaching into the moment of the here and now as the best possible state of being in existential moments

* Coaching the person in relation to their own fears and thinking about what could happen in the coming hours and days
* Support and release of fears and sadness and other thoughts concerning death - before and after


Letting go can sometimes also lead to healing. That's why I don't see my work as end-of-life counselling per se, but as a life circle doula, as a companion in extraordinary phases of life.


I am fundamentally in favour of the self-determined death of animals with reference to palliative and/or veterinary prescribed pain therapy and honouring the knowledge that every journey through life is individual. 

My work is complementary and does not replace a vet.

My own relationship to dying

My experiences are based, among other things, on accompanying my father with cancer for several months and the life-threatening poisoning of my then three-year-old dog with rat poison. She only inhaled this poison, which resulted in leucopenia (loss of all white blood cells, fatal in the long term). Despite numerous misdiagnoses that would have resulted in her death, and with the help of a knowledgeable network of animal therapists, after 10 days in this precarious condition she went into healing within 24 hours. This intense experience prompted me to consistently pursue my path as an animal therapist and coach. It is important to approach these challenges with the utmost care, not to react too quickly and to have important knowledge at hand. It is important not to react out of fear, but out of connection. Not knowing what to do next does not always mean the end. Letting go in peace, presence and gratitude is the greatest gift we can give to our animals.


I have completed the Companion Animal End of Life Doula training at the University of Vermont.

Please consult the terms and conditions before making an appointment.

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