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Trust Technique® 

Mindfulness for Humans with Their Animals

Trust Technique® 

Mindfulness for Humans with their Animals

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The Trust Technique® is a way for people to become more mindful of themselves and their animals. As practitioners, we work with people to increase mutual understanding. As a side effect, the behaviour of the animals changes. 

Have you decided to adopt an animal because you would like to integrate it into your life? But living together is turning out a little differently than you expected? Are you not sure whether control and command are really what you want? Does your pet have fears, is it nervous in certain situations or does it go away when you approach? Do you seek to have a truely deep connection with your animal?

The Trust Technique® fundamentally changes our relationship with animals and it also changes us humans. Horses co-operate again and become more open, physical complaints can regulate themselves (e.g. colic, general condition). Dogs are more relaxed and no longer overreact so quickly. We learn how to work with peace, patience and only at the animal's pace. The Trust Technique® is also a healing method for traumatisation.

The Trust Technique® can be learnt with ALL kind of animals.

How can the Trust Technique® be learnt?

People can learn the Trust Technique® in different ways. Videos and/or practitioners (coaches) teach the method and help with the realisation of specific topics. The actual work takes place when people interact with their animals. As a human being, you are given the tools to do this. As a practitioner, I don't solve your issues, I show you how you can do it for yourself and your animal.


Messages of Trust
If you just want to have a taster, then take a look at the 'Messages of Trust'. You can then decide on this basis whether this method appeals to you. The introduction 'Messages of Trust' by James French can be booked here. It is available with German subtitles and is currently free of charge.

Video course for self-learners 
If you would like to immerse yourself in the Trust Technique® adventure on your own, there is a video course with around 60 hours of illustrative material and exercises. You can book the video course here.

Private consultations with cert. Practitioner (on site, online, at your home/stable)
Private consultations may also be right for you if you don't like learning online or have little time. The advantage is that you have an experienced practitioner at your side. Based on my many years of experience, I recommend a time frame of 5 x 60 minutes for this basic training. I am happy to discuss individual plans in advance. Package bookings include the possibility of free interim questions during the duration of our collaboration. I also offer instalment plans. 


Puppy school for humans

Are you 'planning' a puppy? Or do you already have one? Have you always had dogs, but the puppy is giving you a bit of a headache? Do you want to get it 'right' from the start? And are you looking for a way to give the new creature in your life the opportunity to develop itself and its personality? Do you realise that conditioning and desensitisation, which you yourself experienced as a human at a young age, are actually not the best thing in the world?

You've come to the right place if you want an alternative, yet sustainable way to build a good connection with your dog. I integrate the Trust Technique and a little ABC into my training programme for you and your pet. I help with the important box training and explain the attention span of your puppy.

Save time and nerves - and possibly also money for expensive 'training'.

I am also available for advice on breeds, breeders and the first few days at home.

Puppy starter package

'Easy going!' CHF 450 (3 sessions Trust Technique total 240 minutes) with focus on puppies, incl. free consultations during the joint co-operation). Price excl. travelling expenses

Additional consultations for behavioural issues

I also advise on dogs and cats nutrition, TCM herbs, mycotherapy and Bach and Australian bush flowers. I also carry out animal communications or commission people from my network to do so as required.

Well through New Year's Eve with the Trust Technique and herbs from TCM - talk to me about it.

I offer a free 15-minute assessment of your situation to describe how the Trust Technique can best benefit you and your animals.

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